Asia market research has a linguistic component while for Germany and Europe these are imported goods in electronics with a production price, taxes and a currency exchange rate when a regional distributor chooses ASUS notebooks of Taiwan he chooses a 64 item package, second hand there will be further depending on prodcution capacity of Intel fab of the USA and a spot market for DRAM so assembled in Taiwan, the retail has amazon or lap store or refurbished so Intel price policy was 1000 € for a eight kernel and lower for the old fabs, programming in massive parallel is operating system depending like there may be eight parallel threads, the operating system is with the old assembler code to C++ to faster performance, simply we are not in the position to write an operating system, we are users and retail merchandise only.

Reduction at Intel is no choice, i7 are faster than i5 and i3, we may produce new formats for these.

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