So software development needed, linear thinking is what could be expected in the political agenda it was the second Obama administration making the USA competitive they already had a quasi monopoly in operating systems you name windows and the microsoft complex being competitive is a triumphirat of Microsoft, google, amazon while yahoo went down the gutter, tumblr was expensive but lacked the seriousness, it is impressive graphic information for the quick glance, for Germany the old economy for windows are 30 000 licenses or imagine a eight thread parallel system for the best processing system of MSI of Taiwan with a water cooler as the fastest Intel in the fastest game machine overclocked has a price tag of 7000 $ or Euro made in Taiwan massive parallel programming.

Compare to a microsoft surface package i7 for 2000 €,  we imagine the drivers need a reduced complexity, a keyboard only has 50 keys, the display is for a high density HD quality we simply think of an Olympus OM D 10 camera and reproduce the pixels on the display, speed is the number of still images and crisp quality, a programming system massive parallel may readjust the pixels to a contrast system, calculation of the pixels is a quality system and processing time, so what is the software component and what is the implementation of frequently used programm packages via a VDSL line from a server and what are the customer willingness to pay, what system environment do we need before we can think about programming in a sandbox.

Germany is no good advisor though the president of the United States visiting today the industry fair they have no components and state level has fibroptic lines across the state like Nuremberg to Göppingen also the speed and time slot component matters, centers of data are connected best when field related planning is were are zoning levels without legal obstruction, they connect two irrelevant centers because the construction industry is mighty there, new system policy is what microsoft could not deliver, programming has this cheap level, HD imageing processing, the printing industry like Bunte compared to BILD and ZDF of Böhmermann and Erdogan, we are in the middle ages still.

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