Here we are back online after the floods a piece of economic history from my youth when coal was transported via railway there was before a short tunnel under the tracks were the freightrains unloaded into the truck they passed this tunnel at the crossing between a river and a creek, 20 tons each, so build in 1914 coal was strategic meantime coal in imported from the Norther Territory of Australia or South Africa in freighttrains between Rotterdam and Emden and Bremerhaven to Rottweil, Sigmaringen and Hechingen, the freighttrain loaded the concrete elements for Stuttgart 21 except, there were other caverns of concrete below the street level, we call Regenüberlaufbecken, RÜB. So on sunday rain began with 60 liters per square meter, six buckets of water onto the streets, a steep valley filled and the outdoor and sports shop at the junction filled, the expensive Nikes were drifting outward, the cars like Golf Diesel swimming downhill 21 year old Anil Bata stripped of hus trousers and began swimming to the VW wreck, sitting on the rooftop, diving with Nikes and rubble, 30 men firebrigader of Straßdorf on a hill was alerted, so they may have not passed the Tunnel but sideways were the crude oil Heizölsilo were to the north of the railway, protecting the Nike store or the VW swimming they saw Anil S. was plucked into the RÜB, one of the firemen was put on a rope, waistband with a rope and 30 men holding he also was plucked and sucked into the RÜB through their hands, we knew this scene of Gary Crant holding a rope when a man went overboard, the rope cutting into his flesh.

So officially G. Schlenker was transported in a silver VOLVO Bestattungshaus, Anil Bata his comrades stole his apple 5 S there is a reward, whoever has the micro SD might return.

Saturday morning most shops are open again, specially Sparkassenversicherung is an insurance according to mountaintop villas and bungalows and downhill shops, water flows downhill, Allianz SE estimated 400 000 000 € in total, administration court and Staatsgerichtshof in Stuttgart and Bundesverwaltungsgericht in Erfurt, we might have to make clear what are circumstances, what happend, of course avoiding rain is impossibilty ofr fools, protect, this morning a police helicopter already was over the hospital and search and rescue are demented and distorted personalities, means and objectives do not meet.

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