Monday morning, we are here for debate of a short notice scenario, Friday night there was announcement Fany Fazii inviting for a hands on experience for Olympus Digital Camera in Stuttgart exactly there is production and development and CMOS Design in Japan and there are electronic circuits the macro programs but also the principle is light reflecting in frequency and for certain wavelenght there is instrumentation so visible light is reflected by physical objets there also is physiological condition like to see with two eyes and to process and to remember in a physiologic corpus is a human with a brain does not see for the physical world but remembers in a brain or whatelse is the nervous system so conditions are we see there is an object called Olympus in a store and produced and for sale there also is fotoring general import for all stores for Olympus depending on quality Schwankung Streuung and the sigma Statistics the object is produced but conditions in the physical world are restrictions like there was very cold weather so there is a range in physical conductivity like mechanical and electromagnetic and magnetic functions in a range, physiological functions are a human as a user of the instrument and the object may have 37,9 degrees body warmth is a physiological temperature, other she/he has fever then 41 degrees or 42 degrees or be cold called hypothermie the person may have cold untill there are physiologic damage relating to nerves, the blood vessels, to skin,the nerve system, the organics of humans.

We will remain there are physical objects and instrumentation is for a certain purpose like this Olympus will be combined with a Lenovo and XEROX there are three technology divisions, combination is an add on, a surplus.

For the very hard combinations of events a fire broke out in Betzingen late sunday afternoon one young woman in a cottage full of trash died it is heat and fuel and paper and wood and plastics the combination is physical objects may burn like oxydisation, a candle may burn, a piece of a paper may burn and for theoretical visualization an imaginary reporter taking digital stills,means a real reporter taking pictures but not images of the victim, the human that died in that fire, the physical world , instrumentation and the human condition, there may we terrible mistakes we are told.

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