Actually we have fleamarket of second hand books for programming and essays of Thomas Mann the classics, for a local court there was trial against a taxi driver like hate posts on facebook made 150 days as 15 € and confiscation of a notebook so there is a dichotomy like in new edition there is the complete works of Karl Jaspers on truth and the social construction of reality is in a new edition as there are notebooks from 3700 € downwards and a president of parliament as Landtagsvorsitzende has a monthly of 16 000 as 8000 permanent per month and 8000 material she is the second dignitary of this state like a prime minister and speaker of the house in one of 16 states and 27 nations in europe what implications will have the hateposts of a taxidriver for the construction of reality?

Of course philosophy like Jaspers  had the high time he was not a direct nemesis of John Fitzgerald Kennedy but philopher in Basel next to the border in a seat and university and homestead Patrizierhäuser of Leonhard Euler Kennedy had one opponent Fidel Castro and Chrustshov then Jaspers only had a secretary and an editor for Leonhard Euler was a mathematician and atomic theory was not adhesion of molecules, it was the mathematics of numbers like take one fish of the Rhine like an Egli or a Felchen and add one there are two in a pan but add five buckets of caviar to two buckets of sperm makes a mutlitude when ten tons of Bodenseefelchen swin downwards to the Rhine across the Rhine falls they never will pass in return, Jaspers and Euler and all of the philophers and mathematicians say one trout in a pan is better than stay hungry, Basel like Roche medicals and Novartis and HIv research and before the LSD are are recovering from carnival now, they celebrate one week later as the rest of the world, god knows why.

So as trout swim down the river to end in a pan if hatched properly, eel born in the Saragossa Sea which is between the caribic basin and Mexico will return to the lake but never learned about the turbines to verhackstücken, this is they try to swim upstream and the truth is there are eels in the Lake that were born there and swim to Saragossa and return, the proof is not for Aal Dieter but between fish and dinosaurus they try to return via  Fischtreppe and of course Schweizerhalle and Gösgen and Kaiseraugst and Fidel Castro, to praise Aal Dieter, who earns his cash.

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