We are on short notice for PREDA Powerment and Development in the Philippines as father  Shay Cullen from Ireland will present the project a safe camp for children in the Philippines at 11 MESZ to 12.30 we know there are children orphaned without parents so when mother and father are deceased or more likely the father is at sea and mother is with the children but they earn in a parallel market as the Philippines are transforming from an agricultural society to makeshift homes and the luxury complex so for a capital consideration there are the rice plantations and walled and irrigated fields for rice plantation it was a communal project were walls were build the law was irrigation for the amount of water and between fixed capital we say from the first landmarks of Vasco da Gama and Fernando Magellan the plantation system for three harvests in a year is 1648 till now a capital in fixed investment 350 years but in rents between the water master and the peasants who gives the individual and family quantum to his parts of the harvests as a rent, like the islamic quantum for agriculture were on fifth, families that have different sizes of children like husband and wives and children have different amounts of the products, here father  Shay Cullen investing incash crops for a market and these are mangoes but also beneath these cases were there are real orphans no mother no father the international migrant economy transforming family structures like a mother leaving her child with her sister and earning a wage for remittances in Hong Kong or Europe the remittances are transfered via parafiscal banks across the United States financial market then cash is paid and via accounting and double monetary exchange rates the cash is handed over, like here we have euro, exchange rate to US Dollar and exchange rate to philippine pesos, the sister may receive the amout transfered.

Special cases are sailors

Special cases are formal banks like HSBC Hong Kong and Shang Hai Bank considered the have offices in both countries involved and two accounts, here we may focus on the semi developped residential areas that have little agricultural output but also the cases after natural catastrophes like earthquakes, like the taiphoon Hiyan and like torrential rain there must be capital theory reconsidered because there was capital like a house and furniture and water before but there is none after the landfall and there are no formal insurance companies, or there are no working banks after electricy cutdowns and server failures, the fate of real orphans is irreversible.

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