Here we offer the birthplace and childhood home of Jerg Rathgeb a pre revolutionary painter so founding of the building was at 1492 the expulsion of jews from Portugal and Spain and discovery of America by Columbus so Rathgeb was born next to the abbey of Franciscan monks who build the main abbey after influences of Assisi, they trecked with horses from Assisi, Rome and the Vatican across the Alpine mountains Gotthard Airolo via Ulm to Schwäbisch Gmünd known as a former romanian fort, 1492 was the sailing ships of Colombo in Cuba for the King of Spain, we know little on how catholic monastery traded with jewish religious guilds as 1517 peasants were influenced by Luther Martin Luther the preacher and ex monk and Jerg Rathgeb a famous painter and so for the feast of Ascension the mythology goes Jesus Christ died on Good Friday, Resurrection on Easter and walked among the living until Ascension so Jerg painted Jesus among the yeomen, not a human but walking on earth and not God, this is jewish mythology will return and beneath the hebrew originals of the Old Testament the New Testament in greek and the Vulgata in latin, Himmelfahrt is according to the old calendar that the orthodox church practices and the calender reform a global festive event, beneath Anabaptists the law was cruel Jerg Rathgeb was caught and torn into pieces by Truchsess of Waldenburg in Pforzheim, the simple explanation was the american revenge was cruel but also there were german laws and of course there are the paintings like Herrenberger Altar for these we may prepare a SONY WSX 350 and a Toshiba printer, visuals arts are visual and laws are … he was not a martyr, we was the victim of unlawfaul execution before a crowd.

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