We have an eclusive offer on the way of James Cook to New Zealand was when the King of France and academy opened a competition to record the passage of the Venus it was recording an astrophysical event Johannes Kepler had predicted when Sun and Venus and the planet moon were in one line light emitted from the sun inverted in a dark spot the Venus so James Cook recorded in Tahiti, he wrote a diary he deposited at the Grenfell Funds in London, the painter Georg Forster who was botanic painter gave half of his paintings to the donor and half were sold, so the kiwi, the Jackfruit, the orchids were painted by Forster, the diary of Grenfell reproduced some years ago in Ulm the printer of Ebner, the diary is reproduced in print as the original was.

Grenfell building in North Kensington near Hyde Park caught fire and 200 men in fireladders the best of technics for fire extinguishing is Ziegler of Göppingen with the high pressure pump for airports the physics are the weight of water and the pressure of the pump makes a hyperbel a parabolic curve only if there is a high riser from street level only to reach half of the building from outside there may be fire extinguishing devices inside while there is a structure of steel welded nor beton elements and facades unidentified 17 persons perished from Grenfell building.

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