Excellent conditions for travelling like we did in 2010 to Tübingen the day there was a street painting action under a street art tagging team, they spray painted an old banking building but they tagged only the year 2010, the gigs were Peach Kelli, so the group toured from San Francisco to Japan and Tübingen, since this day performing arts and magnetic electronics are divided as Tübingen has electronics but they lack a real successul editor, so they either send files to Munich to Piper by Bonnier or one file to Heyne by Axel Springer, the technolgical gap goes back to 1982, the chancellor in waiting produced a foto book, the Habermas clan Stickworte zur geistigen Situation der Zeit, a two volume reader, the ex chancellor will be burid on July 1st near Speyer were the school excursion was tombs of 12 th century kings were the 87 year old will be earthend, Walter Jens died and when the son inherited the villa bungalow with the library and the accounts he produced a book, transcripted, these softcovers are cheap, but as we do arithmetics a Lenovo 510 is 699,– a Canon SX 620 is 205 Euro and a Medion is 29 Euro but the printer is either in Lithuania or in Ulm, some books decrease in price simply as the original edition is not sold then it arrives in supermarkets for half price, some are stock with a long term capital perspective means when an important professor died the heirs dispost at the Antiquariat, means from ten boxes there are ten important volumes, these are online price tagged, like Habermas, or there are bulk quality products, like China house or the Mao Tse Dong, these have no value.

So we settle one day for Tübingen West and to Reutlingen then to Düsseldorf Japan the real Olympus camera has a price tag of 2000 €, they may produce for Benedict Taschen near Cologne, then Hamburg, the group of 20 event is different to Waldhäuser Ost as real students do live four in an apartment with one bottle of whisky per weekend, how should they connect with their prime minister who also visited Tübingen when he was a doctoral student, international diplomacy always goes strange ways.

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