Group of 20

Topic of the month is Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Press accreditation in Berlin and in Hamburg

As 20 nations are involved all 20 languages may be represented.

Protocol at the President of Federal Republic of Germany increased to 50 staff so for Saturday July 1st 800 invitations were send to non permanent members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg for Jean Claude Juncker, Bill Clinton and Medjedjev, so plane took course from Berlin Tegel to Strasbourg the 14 hours of irredenta of chancellor retired so a calvalcade left Ludwigshafen to Strasbourg 130 kilometers, then the Sea King with Maike Richter and Kai Diekmann ex editor of Axel Springers BILD, then 1500 invitations for seats in the cathedral of Speyer send and the funeral of Helmut Kohl at Sankt Bernhard chapel in Speyer, we are alone with the philosophical question why a corpse rested 14 days in a living room and after Luther and the pathologists is the public exhibition of a corpse in a coffin the victory of the survivors or the ritual of the catholic church, as there is no written testament in public, Kai Diekmann in pension, there was a second wife onboard of the Sea King, Sunday testimonials are with DIE ZEIT, Frankfurter Allgemeine am Sonntag and Welt am Sonntag invitations are for Hamburg, exactly there were for a first time invitations for the Parliament of the European Union send out by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, permanent members of the Parliament who hold a seat and have their expenses did not occupy their regular seat, it were not last rites for a member that rest in the morgue but transported 90 miles by BINZ Daimler Benz.

From the Universität Tübingen and Universität Heidelberg were Helmut Kohl recovered six months in the emergency room, faculty of theology never invited Helmut Kohl as there is a secular state and material world so this week in New York UNGA accepted a treaty for the ablishment of nuclear weapons and explosives as the violation of international law and the law of nations as a University with a faculty of medicines and faculty of law hold to the principle of non violence and no violation in the integrity of human life, a case were genetic abberations by nuclear fallout in the leucemia a four year old girl could not be cured by stem cell and bone marrow transplant from mother to child, non body fluids were not accepted and resist but this was the subject of state prize of research with 200 000 Euro, 14 day and 14 hour exposure are compared for a 87 year old to a four year old but a church did not vote, german parliament is in summer recess till September 2017.

Group of 20 summit is most expressive for China.

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