We have technology week in Ettlingen near KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology so they have a nationwide collection of server and notebooks for certified data erasure and refurbished sale with a new copy of windows 10 by microsoft, this week the rack servers with XEON processors are in display they need windows 10 or 7, the sponsor of electrics EWS Energiewerke Schönau gave 20 k for processing of solar modules and grid stabilization, Karlsruhe that is the seat of supreme court ruled in fiscality a tax on burned fuel rods for nuclear plants is unconstitutional so the process between the uranium mines in South Africa and nuclear waste is not fiscally taxed, unless state grid company ENBW Energy can settle its dispute with the Court of Commerce in Paris for a packet of stock then the State Court of Constitution may rule is there a package in quantity like there may be stock price and no other treaty as sale per stock on a price of the day is applicable or there is a ruling to date back the treaty and any price is subject of the treaty, like a 2011 case is not complete without the nuclear fallout in Japan and the Fukushima crisis a server that may be on sale refurbished this week has an offer price of 2000 Euro but research is will windows 7 or 8 or 10 fit best for the processor and is Fujitsu of Japan best buy, these are for the group of 20 summit if we deliver today from Karlsruhe to Hamburg in 24 hour service there will be microsoft licensing as if we may export Japan made servers to the Philippines for the sponsor of EWS they may install the developping nations microsoft policy and a license of windows is 25 € in Peso instead of 50 €, developping nations are not members of G 20 group so before July 7 th, only Haruki Murakami had a story on Fujitsu the book 3 is on sale in the bookshop of Karlsruhe station along with the graphics diary on documenta 14 actually which has an offer price of 35 Euro, total cost of ownership is the server but as the casualty occurred in 2011 there are stock prices, there is an interest rate and there is the total cost of ownership or comparable a server and the ratio of books sold for one mastercopy and the relative of the cost per copy, we will not produce now between the Forth of July and Seventh of July the constitutional amendments needed for the United States, China and Japan, we might need what is the assessment for a rack server with XEON and compare to the day price of a Hewlett Packard i5 that was on offer until today 9 MESZ for 599 Euro, compare 2000 € for a rack server refurbished to a new HP with i5 processor for 600 €, until 12.00 on July 7th, Hamburg.

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