What we are facing now is the sellout of old media is input for new media and I remarked one day there was the meeting of the nobel prize winners in economy in Lindau and as economy is no real scientific subject it is awarded of Norway as the swedish academy of science has the easily proven topics, so after Nobel prize in summer there were Nobels in economics and Mundell spoke, Merton Scholes with the theory of options once there were scientific calculators with the Merton Scholes equivalents and some day there were supercomputers like deep blue und deep fritz, calculating on a theory of economics and in software and we had the judgement in court there was the number of 110 billion named for a trading funds, now there can always be funds at the european central bank as it is the lender of last resort and generate M 3 ad libitum only for an open market policy and trading of bonds as emission of own bonds they trade in bonds of higher interest rates and lower price for bonds of lower interest rates and longer validity like the US treasuries of thirty years in a maximum, the judgement was on the EFSF as a funds it is part of ECB Central bank, member and committee are by the european parliament and they have to report to parliament and commission that has a commissioner for financial markets and his own trading fund and there is at least a European reconstruction bank, for the judgment there are Entscheidungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichtes in print and online according on a law and that is federal or european law and for 27 members in twelve languages, we are really competing hard here.

A fund like DWS might have 100 billion € investing in stocks and bonds and warrants globally but home group Deutsche Bank lost 6,60 % in stock while writing it is 27.– € to 25.– e on a day is a loss of 6,60 % inb market capitalization but they had issue of new share before and in subscription they did not loose a cent, and this was never before issuing stocks without losses in stock price.

Now we might have a fund, the tendency of the court mostly was national, they rejected european government and parliament and court in Bruxelles, Luxembourg, Strasbourg but this was german is the language of court and they do not really know to express.

The decision will be here in print but I would like to know where there is the physical location of this fund, Luxembourg was prefered for banking institutions for the national banking law and for the Euro there might be the ECB and the trading room in the old fruit market of Elsässer, you cannot locate and generate business and trading platform with TARGET online arrangement in interest rates for the euro in this loftlike fruithall, it must be explained in the judgement and for the text it is not more that the text, we are not competing in judgements.

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